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Hurricane Wilma 2005

Wind Mitigation Inspection

Having a wind mitigation inspection performed on your home can provide you with substantial savings on your annual insurance premiums if your home qualifies! There appears to be a “shake-down” of sorts going on with previously submitted Uniform Wind Mitigation forms. From what we can tell, most of the Florida insurers are auditing the forms submitted, and if any discrepancies are found, they are removing any prior discounts without much warning or explanation to the homeowner.


Wind Insurance Discounts Explained

Florida Wind Mitigation InspectionThe discounts from the OIR-B1-1802 form can be quite substantial. I’ve had several clients report their annual premiums more than doubled after their insurer retracted previous discounts. In early 2012, the powers that be modified the original Uniform Wind Mitigation form, adding 2 pages to the report, along with requiring at least one photo for each relevant section. Often times you can have a new report done on the new form, and receive discounts without doing any additional upgrades to your home.

Whenever you obtain a new property insurance policy, whether it’s a new purchase or switching providers to save money, the insurer generally quotes your rate based on no discounts for the structure itself. Most homeowner’s do not realize this, accept the policy as quoted, and move on. Having a new FL Wind Mitigation Inspection performed by an experienced licensed Home Inspector only makes sense. The potential savings on your annual premiums vs. the small fee charged for the inspection makes good business sense.

New Roof, Windows, Doors, or Shutters?

Another recommendation, is that any time you do perform major upgrades or repairs to your home, have a new inspection report done by a qualified inspector, on the new form. I’ve done several for homeowners who recently had their roof replaced, and received additional discounts since the new roof is installed to the current building codes. This holds true for door or window replacement, and of course any windborne debris protection for openings.

Whenever a homeowner has substantial improvements done to there home, especially roof replacement, the last thing they consider is notifying their insurer to see if any discounts are available. Even if you’ve had a Wind Mitigation Inspection performed recently, a new inspection report submitted after a re-roof on your home will entitle you to significant discounts… since the roofing section of the report is a substantial portion of the total windstorm discounts! Also note, that even the competent, licensed roofer cannot fill out the report form…. not even the roofing sections.

Why Hire Radiant for your Inspections?

Radiant Remodeling & Custom Homes, IncI am a licensed coastal Builder of 29+ years, and a licensed Home Inspector as well. You will not find another Inspector or inspection firm that has my extensive knowledge and experience in the building trade… period! I personally perform every inspection and sign every report, and make myself available 24/7 to my clients as well as their insurers, realtors, lenders, etc. I stand behind my work unequivocally, and enjoy educating my clients and their paid professionals.

All reports are created digitally and include more high resolution photos than the minimum required. Your report is completed and emailed to you in less than 24 hours, along with a private link to your report on our web site. You may share this link with anyone whom you choose like your realtor, lender, or insurer, so that they may download the reports themselves, saving you time and aggregation! This link will be there indefinitely so that you can retrieve your report even years later, should you misplace it. There is NO additional charge for this service to you, ever! Call today to schedule your appointment! 941-451-7356