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Sell your client’s property faster and with greater profitability!

I would like for you to suggest this offer to your homeowners, to help them sell their home faster in a down market. Experts say that before our economy gets better, one factor that needs to occur is for home prices to fall to a point where buyers think it’s too good of a deal to pass up. How much is that? Whatever the market will bear, right? In order for your listing to “stand out” among a saturated market, it needs to catch the buyer’s attention. The two most popular ways to do that is price and value. In order to determine the price one must look at the value first. Here is where a home inspection performed now, can justify its price and give value to the inspected home on that street or neighborhood.

Please have your sellers call me now!  I will visit the property and do a meticulous inspection of their home and it’s components, and give them a detailed report. Print copies can be made available to prospects as they view the home, and upon the home owner’s approval, a link will be provided to you to include in your on-line listings! With over 86% of prospectus home buyers using the Internet today to search for a home, having a professional home inspection report right on your listings that anyone can view is invaluable! Here are the benefits to your homeowner:

  1. Support your asking price, by advertising that your home is already inspected and has no surprises. We provide your agent with a public link to the inspection report that will separate your ad listing from all the rest. Buyers can see the clean inspection report and be one step closer in scheduling a walk-through.
  2. If deficiencies are found, know now before a buyer comes along and adjusts the price, or make repairs at realistic costs, not inflated estimates in the heat of negotiations. Call us for a re-inspection after repairs are performed, and we can provide a fresh inspection report that you can link to on your listing.

Special pricing for the seller only! In order for me to lower the price to where you can’t say no, I need you to call me today or tomorrow to book the inspection in the next two weeks, as I am scheduling by area to save costs.
Ask for Jim at (941) 451-7356