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Special Offer to Real Estate Professionals!

Great news! My inspection company can offer you “Repeat Business” with your next home buyer and every home buyer thereafter!

Normally, when you sell a home it is very difficult for the agent to get repeat business from the buyer. As time passes, they lose touch and forget about how hard you worked for them when they purchased their home. When they decide to sell, which could be many years later, they usually call whomever is on their mind at that time. The agent needs some kind of string attached to that home so when they think of selling, they will think of you. Venice-Florida-Remodeling-professional

Here’s where my inspection company comes in:

Now, when you use or refer my inspection company, I will host the digital report same as always, and I will also provide a place reserved for your information beside the report for:

  • Your photograph
  • Your license information
  • Your contact information
  • A statement that you provide, i.e. “I hope you enjoy your home. In the future should you decide to move, please contact me again!”

Home Buyers often refer back to the report for repairs, remodeling and annual inspections. I give the buyer access to their digital report on my web site indefinitely! This service is absolutely free for every one of my clients, many of whom happen to be your clients as well! Each time they look at their report online, they will see you and your contact information!

It’s the best chance at repeat business you will have, and it’s absolutely FREE when you use or refer my company for your inspections!

IMPORTANT! Those agents who have used my company in the past can get this advertising on all past reports. Once you enter your info it will appear beside all the reports I have done for you thus far. So what are you waiting for? Some of you have hundreds of reports that you can now advertise on for free.  Now that our local market has heated up recently, buyers we have shared a few years ago may be getting ready to sell soon!

What to do from here? If you have never used my company, please do. As soon as I upload the report and send the link to you, you can sign in and select “Update my Info” and insert your picture, contact info and statement. You only have to do this one time and from here on you’ll be beside every report we do with you as the agent!

If you have used my company, then sign in at my website and click “Update my Info” to get in front of the line with all your past buyers! See! I told you I can offer you benefits that other inspectors cannot. Let’s work together towards a profitable year! So what are you waiting for?  It’s absolutely FREE, with no strings attached!  It’s just my way of saying thank you for your reciprocity.

Call me with any questions and I will help you advertise for free!  Jim at (941) 451-7356Florida-Licensed-Home-Inspector