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What is a Pre-Sale Home Inspection and How Does it Benefit the Seller?

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Recently, a client had asked me to explain an inspection service I offer, called a Pre-Sale Home Inspection. That reminded me that not many people, not even many realtors, have ever heard of this type of inspection, so I thought an explanation was in order. This inspection is designed solely for the current Home Seller and their Listing Agent representing their property. Having your property professionally inspected “before” listing it to the public, provides numerous advantages to everyone involved.
Please consider the following:
1: The Seller has the opportunity to repair any deficiencies that may be found beforehand. This eliminates most, if not all of any “last minute negotiating” a buyer may attempt, based on their own home inspection report of your property. When your home is in tip-top condition, there is very little wiggle room!
2: The Seller and their Listing Agent receive a link to the final report that I host on my web site in a private, secured location, indefinitely. This link to the digital report can then be shared and included in marketing venues such as the property’s MLS listing, Agent’s website, social media, etc. What better method, to make your listing stand out from the hundreds of others, than with a Pre-Inspected home?
3: You can provide printed copies of the final report to those interested buyers visiting your property, creating buyer confidence and “piece of mind” that your home not only looks nice, but has no major deficiencies!
4: All my reports are “digital” and always include the selling Agent’s info right at the top. I host all reports indefinitely on my site, making it convenient for the client to retrieve the report if they happen to misplace their copy.. even years later! The Agent’s information is still immediately available to the client, reminding them how hard you worked for them previously! If they are interested in selling the home, or perhaps purchasing another, who do you think they will contact?
Ok, ok…. enough of my sales pitch.  I offer this to all my clients as a value added service, but I do feel very strongly that this is yet another great sales strategy which benefits all involved, and has lasting value for years to come! (seller, buyer, agent, inspector) For more information on this inspection and other services that we offer, please visit our main site at SwFlHomeInspection.us or call 941-451-7356.
Jim Mullen
Radiant Remodeling & Custom Homes, Inc.

About Author: Jim Mullen
With over 31 years in Residential Construction, Design, and Inspections and owning my construction business for over 27 years, I still learn something new each and every day. I enjoy passing my knowledge on to those who are interested, and always welcome a challenge. If you have any questions about residential building and maintenance, I welcome you to just ask. "An educated consumer is our best customer"

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